Przeczytaj tekst, a następnie wybierz poprawną odpowied>.
(Read the text and choose the correct answer.)


At the beginning of my story I would like to introduce myself: my name is Sarah Brown. I want to show you why I am the best candidate for the post of the Chief Executive Officer in your Cloud Factory. Let me start from the very beginning that is from my birth. I was born on 29th September, 1985 in Cracow. Autumn is not a good season for a newborn baby. It is cold and nasty then but I managed to survive. My parents were fantastic. They taught me how to walk, speak so finally I was able to tell them how much I loved them. They played with me and spent a lot of time with me. I was their first child. But everything that is good ends quickly. My mum had to come back to work. They wanted me to go to a nursery school. At first I was delighted but then something terrible happened. It was my first day there and there were three beautiful rocking horses. I wanted to rock on one of them but suddenly three other children appeared and mounted those horses. I started to cry and I said that I would never go there again. Then my great-grandmother took care of me. I don't remember her very well. The only thing connected with her that comes to my mind is a slice of bread with butter sprinkled with sugar.

When I was 3 a stork brought me a little brother. His name was Jacob. At first I was jealous of Jacob because our parents gave their full attention to him. Once I even bit his tummy. However, after some time we were pals. We played tricks and were up to mischief.

Later on I attended primary school in Cracow. I had a lot of good time there but I had to study as well. I was a very diligent schoolgirl and I had the best marks. I met many new friends and I could play with them. I kept in touch with some of them for all my life. When I finished the primary school I decided to go to the secondary school in Warsaw. I passed all the exams and on 1st September, 2000 I was on the bus, ready for the new challenge. I didn't know almost anybody at my new school. I made some new friends. I sat with Anna at one desk. She was my best friend. We spent much time gossiping about boys. When I was 16 I met a boy who was 15 years older than me. Soon we fell head over hills in love with each other. We spent almost three years together.

At the end of the secondary school I had to take my maturity exam. First we had to take a written exam in Polish. Every student drew a small piece of paper with a number and it was a number of the table where he had to sit. I don't remember my number but I remember that it was a table at the very front, right before the teachers' desk. I had some cribs but I couldn't use them of course. However, I wasn't terrified. I wrote everything without anyone's help. The following day I had to take a written exam in mathematics because I had chosen that subject. That time I had more luck and I sat at the last desk. Later I had to take three oral exams in Polish, mathematics and English and I passed them all.

When I graduated from Secondary School I decided to take my entrance exams at a University in Sosnowiec and I succeeded. I studied English and German. It was very hard to complete those studies. I had to move to a dormitory in Sosnowiec. Although it was not the nicest place to live in I was extremely happy and excited. First time in my life I was far away from my parents! I was free! I could do everything that came to my mind. I didn't hear my mother grumbling. I was really free! At the beginning I lived with two other girls but I didn't like them. After one year I decided to live with Kate and it was just what I wanted. We fooled about together, we gossiped together and had a lot of great time. When we were in the last year we had an access to the Internet. We met many new boys mostly. Some of them we met in person. I even met my future husband in this way. He had a CD with songs which I wanted and he told me that he could give me it only if I met him. After two weeks we were a couple. We tried to spend every single minute together. We fell in love with each other very quickly. Later it turned out that we were both born on 29th September. It was not the end of strange coincidences. His father's second name was the same as my father's first name and his mother's first name was the same as my mother's second name. We got engaged two months after we first had met. The moment when he slipped an engagement ring with a diamond on my finger was unforgettable. I was in the seventh heaven then. We had agreed that our wedding would be on 1 January, 2006 so we had a lot of time to get all things ready. First we booked a place for the wedding reception, chose the menu and hired musicians. Then I looked through a lot of magazines to find my perfect wedding dress. When I found what I lusted for I took that magazine and went to a dressmaker. On the wedding day I looked like a princess and my husband looked like a prince of course. Two years later I gave birth to our twins. Our daughter's name is Victoria and our son is Steven. They are very bright and cheerful. I am proud of them.

When our children were 2 years old I decided that it was high time to find a job. At first I worked as an English teacher but it was a very hard and boring work. The teaching staff and the headmaster were very friendly but children were like small devils. They were terribly lively and undisciplined. I said enough is enough and I quit that job. I took a course in computer graphics and I opened my own firm designing web pages. I took on 10 people and I was the chairman of that firm for 15 years. After that time I decided that it was time to try something else. My children managed the firm and I found another job. I worked as a guinea pig. It was an extremely interesting job. I never knew what would happen. A lot of medicines were tested on me. It that way I could do something useful for those who were suffering from different illnesses. I paid for it with bald head but it was nothing compared with drugs used to treat terminally ill patients.

When my ambitions were fulfilled so I decided that it was time to retire. I and my husband bought a cottage in the south of Poland. We spent our time gardening, riding our bikes, walking with a dog and relaxing. Then I had enough time to make my dream came true. I bought a mare and a stallion. I could ride them. I loved it. I loved silence and freedom connected with it. It was my escape from everyday life. But one day a tragedy happened. My stallion was at full gallop when suddenly a big bear emerged from the forest. The horse reared up and I fell. My head hit a huge rock and I lost my consciousness. I was far away from my home so nobody could help me. I bled to death. After that I landed in Heaven. Now I am applying for a post of the Chief Executive Officer in your Cloud Factory. I dare to say that I am the best soul for that post as I had some experience in designing. I guarantee you that clouds created by my hands will be admirable and fabulous.

Faithfully Yours,                     

Soul No. 19850929S

  1. Why did Sarah write the story?
  2. Who looked after Sarah when her parents were at work?
  3. What happened when Sarah was three?
  4. Was Sarah a hard-working pupil?
  5. When did Sarah meet a boy who was 15 years older when than her?
  6. How many language tests did Sarah take in her maturity exam?
  7. How did Sarah feel about living without her parents?
  8. How did Sarah meet her hubby?
  9. How old are Sarah’s children?
  10. How old was Sarah when she find her first job?
  11. What was her second job?
  12. What did Sarah bought when she retired?
  13. What was the cause of Sarah’s death?
  14. Who’s the recipient of this text?