Przeczytaj tekst, a następnie wybierz poprawną odpowiedź.
(Read the text and choose the correct answer.)


It was a terribly cold, frosty and extremely silent night. There were no clouds in the sky. All that I could see was the huge silver moon and thousands of microscopic twinkling stars. I stood under a gigantic old oak waiting for my friends. I was very terrified. All of a sudden an enormous bat flew over my head. I decided to wait for them for another while. After few minutes I heard something. The sound was increasingly louder. I did not know what to do so I lurked behind the oak and observed the surroundings. Unexpectedly somebody touched me. I turned and guess who I saw. There were my friends with big grins on their faces. Then we could go to the house which was haunted. At least people claimed that.

When we were near the house a fat black cat rushed in front of us. We panicked but I mumbled, "Everything will be okay". After some time we moved forward. When we approached the house we saw a headstone. We wanted to go back but curiosity won. We came in. When we entered the first room we heard hooting owls, rattling chains and piercing laugh. We felt that somebody or something watched us. We ran out of that house and then we saw a witch on the broomstick who flew behind us. When she was near we dashed to the forest and then she flew away. We all were sweaty.

When we were in our beds we felt safe. Of course nobody believed us when we talked about our adventure. I will never forget that night. It was the most exciting night of my life.

  1. The weather was snowy.
  2. There was no moon in the sky.
  3. I stood under a huge tree.
  4. I was scared.
  5. My friends didn’t appear.
  6. There was a grave near a house.
  7. They entered the house.
  8. A witch flew on a shovel.
  9. They didn’t come back home.
  10. Everybody believed in their story.