Przeczytaj tekst, a następnie ułóż chronologicznie zdania.
(Read the text and then put the following sentences in the chronological order.)


First you have to get into the car. Next you have to regulate your seat. As soon as you do that you have to regulate the side mirror and the rear-view mirror. Then you have to fasten your seatbelt. After that you have to put the key inside the ignition switch. Next you have to press the clutch and then you can start your car. Next thing which you have to do is to engage the first gear. Now you have to slowly release the clutch and simultaneously press the accelerator. In order to increase speed you have to use the top gear. If you want to turn you have to engage the indicator. And if you want to stop the car you have to press the brake and later you have to press the clutch. Then you can disconnect the car.

  1. Adjust seating to the proper position.
  2. Belt up.
  3. Get in.
  4. Let out the clutch and step on the gas.
  5. Set the mirrors.
  6. Start the engine.
  7. Insert the key into the ignition
  8. Press a clutch pedal.
  9. Move the gear shift into the first gear.