Przeczytaj tekst, a następnie wybierz poprawną odpowiedź.
(Read the text and choose the correct answer.)


Who does not like to watch animals? I think almost everyone does. It is a kind of entertainment. Parents with their children go to a circus. They have a great fun there. They can see exotic animals like camels, lions, tigers, monkeys, parrots. There are also animals which we have in our country, for example dogs, horses or goats. Circus gives us a nice pastime. But have we ever wondered whether animals like to entertain people? I do not really think so.

We do not care if these animals are happy. They can be hungry, thirsty or sick. But it does not matter. We just want to relax.

In my opinion training animals for circus performance should be forbidden. All these tricks are not natural for them. Animals do not behave in this way when they are free. Trainers force them to do different things. Animals live in bad conditions and they are treated very badly. They should be released.

An animal is not a thing so we should treat animals like people. They have their own feelings. We should look at animals closer beginning with our pets. They show us when they are happy or sad but people do not see it. We also do not have time to play with our pets.

  1. People don’t go to circuses
  2. People are bored in a circus.
  3. You cannot see any exotic animals in a circus.
  4. People don’t pay attention to the feelings of animals performing in circuses.
  5. The author of this text thinks that animals should work in circuses.
  6. According to the author of the text animal trainers are cruel to animals in circuses.
  7. Animals aren’t able to show us whether they are cheerful.