Przeczytaj tekst, a następnie wybierz poprawną odpowiedź.
(Read the text and choose the correct answer.)


Dear Sir/Madam,

My family and I have just returned from your restaurant and I am writing to complain about that place and food we ordered.

To begin with, the restaurant was not up to standard. Walls were dirty. Floor and lamps were dirty as well. There were big flies, huge cockroaches and a lot of small ants. A table-cloth and cutlery were also filthy. The music was so bad that we could not stand it.

When we looked at the menu we were not surprised. As we had expected the dishes were not very sophisticated. After half an hour the waitress came. She was extremely rude. In addition to that, she was drunk. We ordered scrambled eggs and four glasses of water. Of course, we had to wait for our meal for another half an hour. Finally, we got it. But our scrambled eggs were cold and the cook put too much salt in it so it did not taste very well. And one more thing. The prices were shockingly high. When we left your so-called "restaurant" we immediately got a terrible stomach-ache.

As you will realise, we are thoroughly disgusted with the experience your restaurant provided. We expect a substantial refund. I enclose a copy of my bill and would appreciate it if you could give this matter your immediate attention.

Yours faithfully,                     

Meggy McDonald
  1. What insects can’t you see in the restaurant?
  2. Was the restaurant clean?
  3. What kind of dishes were served in the restaurant?
  4. What was the service in the restaurant like?
  5. What didn’t Meggy ordered?
  6. What happened when Meggy and her family left the restaurant?
  7. What was their impression about the restaurant?
  8. What’s the aim of this text?