Long, long time ago, in the Middle Ages, there lived a prince whose name was Llewellyn. He was a tall, well-built man in his mid-twenties. He was very tanned. His face was thin and his eyes were blue like the sea. He had curly dark hair. And he had also funny dimples. Llewellyn wore a suit of armour which shone in the light of the sun.

That handsome young man lived in a valley in Wales. He had a beautiful big house surrounded by a neat lawn. Dark-green ivy trailed over white walls. All you could hear was the chirp of birds and a hum of the torrent. At the back of the house there was an orchard with trees full of juicy peaches, ripe pears and sweet raspberries.

Llewellyn lived in that glorious house with his little baby son and his dog called Gelert. After his wife, princess Daisy, had died, he had to bring up the child. He was completely not prepared for that. He decided to ask his mother to help him.

One day the prince went hunting. It was a sunny day. There were no clouds in the sky. Nothing indicated the approaching misfortune. His mother was ill so that she could not care for the baby. He had to leave the dog to look after his son. Llewellyn was not sure if he made a good decision but he had no option. The long drought in that part of Wales was followed by severe famine so the prince had to get food for his family.

The child was lying in the wooden cradle when the sky was getting cloudy. A wind stopped blowing. The dog felt that something bad was going to happen.

The baby had a natural bubble personality. He had big blue eyes, just like his father. His straight red hair were very unique in Llewellyn's family. He had also chubby cheeks with dimples and freckles.

All of a sudden, Gelert heard a howling of wolves. They came from out of a wood and ran towards the house. They bristled. Those wolves had white long fangs and sharp claws. There was no time to lose. The dog caught Llewellyn's son and hid him. Then Gelert ran outside and fought fiercely with scary wolves. Finally, he killed two of them but he was wounded. He was extremely tired so he laid down to sleep.

After half an hour the prince returned. He saw the dog covered in blood. And then Llewellyn spotted that his son's cot was empty. He was so angry that he took his sword and killed the dog while he was sleeping. Then he heard the baby cry. He realized that his son was safe. Through the window he saw two dead wolves. Immediately the prince understood what had happened. He carried the dog to the top of a hill and buried him. Llewellyn collected a pile of stones to mark the grave. You can still see it today.