Many of us claim that the capital penalty should exist that people who killed other people should be killed, too. But have they ever wondered why the murderers and the terrorists kill people or blow the buildings up? I do not think so.

I am absolutely convinced that murderers and terrorists do not kill people for pleasure. They must have strong reasons for that. Maybe they have not got a job. So they earn money in this way and then, they can buy food for their families.

Another reason is that they may be forced to kill by their bosses because they did not pay back their debts.

I tend to think that these people were beaten by their fathers, brothers or older children when they were young. And now these murderers and terrorists want to show that they are stronger and have more power.

I feel very strongly that murderers and terrorists should not be executed. Sooner or later everyone will die. We must give them another chance. Maybe they want to stop killing people but they have not a possibility to improve.