Many teenagers want to be like their favourite film stars. They would like to have huge houses, many cars and a lot of money. They want to be famous. They think that things would make them happier. But they do not realize that being a popular and well-known person is not so easy. Not everything is so beautiful as it seems to be at the beginning.

First of all film stars have to make interviews and give autographs in order not to be forgotten. At the beginning all these things are very nice but later you are tired of it. Everyone knows you and wants to talk to you. Reporters follow you so you do not have any private life. Finally, all what you want is to get rid of people and spend some time alone or with your family.

Secondly, there are things that you cannot buy, for instance, love, friendship and happiness. You can have "friends" but if you would lose your money they would leave you. There are very little people who are honest, understanding and devoted.

In my opinion film stars lives is not as good, exciting and interesting as it is shown on TV. They have their problems. Their lives are sometimes worse than ordinary people have. I would think a lot if somebody proposed to me to become a famous person.