In modern world the most important things are job, money, career. People do not have too much free time to go to the cinema with their families or friends. Other people are poor so they also cannot go to the cinema. So what they can do? The only thing that comes to my mind is watching video.

The main difference between a video and a cinema is that loaning videos is much cheaper than tickets to the cinema. More people can see the film and you do not spend too much money.

Another thing is that you can seat comfortably on your sofa or armchair, turn on your TV and watch videos any time you want. If you particularly like this or that film you can watch it several times. Another advantage is that you can turn off your video if you have something more important to do.

There are also some disadvantages of watching videos. One of the main disadvantages of watching them is that quality of your copy may not be very good. The screen is smaller and the sound is not as good as in the cinema.

All things have their advantages and disadvantages. It depends on you what you choose. In my opinion going to the cinema is more exciting and romantic. There is much more fun and you do not spend your weekends at home.