It happened not so long ago. It was a terribly frosty night and wind was penetrating. It was the coldest night of February, at least I thought so. I did not want to go out but I had to. I was invited to a birthday party. I took a car. There was my brother inside who was also invited. We had to take two friends but it appeared that there were seven people waiting for us. One of them had to travel in a boot. We arrived safely. In the beginning everything was okay but most of the boys drank too much alcohol. They were simply drunk and they started to fight with one another. That birthday party was a complete disaster. I thought that nothing would make me laugh. But I was wrong. While I was talking to my friend he called me Natalia. I thought that I misheard him but later he did the same. I asked him if he had forgotten my name. He denied. When he said that I'm similar to Natalia Oreiro I could not stop laughing. It's a pity that he was also drunk.