The "Zerwane zaręczyny" was written by Aghata Christie. This excellent detective story is set in London. This exciting book is about the famous detective, Hercules Poirot, who tries to solve the mysterious deaths of Mrs. Welman and Mary Gerrard.

The story is concerned with the legacy. Mrs. Welman is a very rich woman. She is seriously ill and paralysed but Dr Lord says that she will not die soon. She has two nurses who take care of her. There is also twenty year old Mary who visits her. One day Roddy and Elinore arrive to London. They are related with Mrs. Welman. They are going to inherit all what she has. Moreover Roddy and Elinore are engaged. But Roddy falls in love with Mary so Elinore breaks off their engagement. After some time the morphine disappears from the nurse's bag. Suddenly, Mrs. Welman dies. Everybody is surprised and shocked. It appears that Mrs. Welman did not make a will so Elinore inherits everything because she is closely related to her. Elinore gives some money to people who should get them (servants, maids, Mary and other people who are related to Mrs. Welman). All of a sudden Mary dies. She was poisoned with morphine. Elinore is arrested. Dr Lord wasks Hercules Poirot for help.

The book is full of unexpected twists. It is not very long and it is beautifully written.

I thoroughl recommend the "Zerwane zaręczyny". This book keeps in suspense. If you start reading it you will not be able to put it away. You do not know who killed Mary and Mrs. Welman till the very end. This story is unbelievable. The character development is very good.