All what you could hear was applause. Everyone was congratulating me. I was very happy. I could not believe in it. I won 1 000 000 $ Suddenly I lost my consciousness. I thought that it was a dream but my mum asked me "What are you going to do with your money?". I didn't answer. When I was alone I thought "It's true" and I grinned. I knew what would be the first thing to do.

I was sitting comfortably in a plane and drinking a champagne. It would be a long flight but worthwhile. I dreamt about the journey to Athens for a long time.

The flight proceeded without any disturbance. There was only a little thunderstorm. When we came down the weather was beautiful. The sun was shining. The leaves were rustling in the breeze. I had a good mood again. My apartment was very luxurious. I was so tired after the flight that I went straight to bed.

Suddenly, just before midnight, I felt slight tremors. With every minute tremors were becoming stronger and stronger. Then I had a confidence that it was an earthquake. I turned on the light but it appeared that there was no electricity. Elevators didn't work, too. The most expensive and the safest hotel became a trap. I heard screaming, groaning and crying of people. After five minutes there was another tremor. The wardrobe fell on me. I lost my consciousness. When I woke up I was in hospital. I felt safe. There was my mother next to me. I came back home after a week with my leg in plaster. I gave the rest of my money to people who lost homes in that disaster.