It happened not so long ago. It was a terribly frosty and windy night . There were thousands miniature stars in the sky. It was the coldest night of March. Mark and Andy decided to go to the graveyard. They had planned that expedition for two months. They wanted to see ghosts.

It was 10.30 pm. Mark and Andy snuck out of their houses. They met each other under an enormous oak. Mark saw an owl without one eye on that tree. They got a little bit frightened but finally curiosity won. After an hour they reached the graveyard safely. Both Andy and Mark were extremely excited. They had been waiting for that moment for such a long time. Suddenly, just before midnight, Andy heard something. It was a clang of chains. Mark as well as Andy did not have to wait for ghosts for a long time. They appeared after few minutes. They were glassy and they made a lot of noise. Andy looked at Mark. He realized that his friend was pale. Besides, Andy was also scared. They took some photos and rushed back home. They were in a hurry to come back home so much that they did not notice the ice on the road. Mark slipped on it and he fell down. To make the matters worse he lost his consciousness.

Mark woke up in a hospital. He had a concussion and his leg was broken. Mark stood next to his bed. They were smiling. They had a new plan but they decided to be more careful next time.