Not all people like to shop. They usually do not have enough time, patience, money or simply they are too lazy. But they have to do shopping because they have to eat something.

In my opinion most people living in big cities do shopping in hypermarkets. It is very practical. You can get there almost everything what you want. You can choose products which you like, which are the cheapest or the most expensive. There is a lot of high-quality products. And what is also very important you can spend there as much time as you want. No one rushes you. The hypermarkets have also disadvantages. Very often you buy there more products that you intended and it takes a lot of time to see all the products on the shelves.

People from smaller cities, towns and villages usually do their shopping in shops and marketplaces which are usually near their place of residence. In these shops there is smaller variety of products and very often you have to queue and it is inconvenient because nowadays people are very busy.

Some people buy products from catalogues and by the Internet. This is very good for people who do not have enough time to queue. But you have to wait for some time for articles which you bought and you have to pay for them more money because of the postage.

According to me people do their shopping in their favourite places where shop assistants are nice and neat. They like shops which are colourful, where prices are low and the products are of the highest quality.